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Bartrit ushers Botswana into the digital age

"A local web services company has launched a web classifieds service, www.bartrit.com, that has taken the country by storm. The service promises to provide a platform for local entrepreneurs to promote their products and services absolutely free of cost." Read More

Looking to cash in from the world wide web

"Primarily the web service is more accessible and allows people to sell their household items, promote their commodities and service absolutely free of cost. We do provide premium advert space to larger vendors to enable them to promote their brands." Read More

Bartrit: Sigh of relief for micro businesses

"With sky rocketing advertising costs in the local market, a young Motswana man has come up with an electronic classified website Bartit, that will enable small businesses, traders and individuals who do not have any marketing budget to advertise and promote their commodities for free." Read More